Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Not Quite A Manifesto

Why do you young, hip, well read liberal kids with artistic leanings move to the big city (be that big city NY or LA or Chicago)?

We takes those years when we have the most passion, most strength, the most drive and move to a liberal city where at best we can only preach to the choir. Why is it that the fly over states seem to be regressing politically, scientifically, artistically? It is because most of the young kids with any kind of progressive leanings get the hell out of dodge leaving only the most conservative kin behind. By consolidated our progressive populations into a few coastal burghs we have not succeeded in consolidated power and presence. We have abadoned most of this country to the hoople heads. Why? to pursue some sense of Utopia which seems fleeting even in the big cities when you turn on the news, or to pursue some lottery ticket possiblity of fame and acclaim in those big coastal cities?

I think if we woke up and realized that the fly over states is where we are needed the most, if we sacrificed a little personal contentment and stayed in those back wood places, places where our voices are needed most, we might better affect change than to swarm to magnet cities to make art that is reviewed by papers only read and valued in those cities. We are self imposed exiles within our own country. Our sense of alienation within this nation is partially our own doing. We need to spread across the nation (get out of NY, LA, and Chicago) and go places where our blue vote counts. We have to understand that we cant affect change in the rural areas sitting upon our perchs deep within the the cities. Look at those maps they put out every election. A huge mass of red, with sprinkles of blue around the edges. Still the blue almost took the election. So what if those concentrated blue votes slowly seep into the red states? Put on their plays, write their manifestos, feed the poor, and keep their local hoople heads in check?

So, go home, go back to where you came from and change the country before you waste your youth nodding away with like minded individuals in self imposed exile. Go back where the drink sweat tea and make cheese grits. In order to take back your country, you must inhabit it, not hang onto the edge of it. Imagine a small blackbox storefront in every tiny town rather than 100 black box companies clamouring, saving, and starving for use of the same 20 blackboxes in the big city.


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