Friday, July 29, 2005

Amy Blackmarr's Going to Ground

A book about leaving the city, leaving your business behind and moving to Georgia. I wonder why it was that I became so enamored of this book and it's author. This is the kind of book that I could probably read again and again. It suanders. It meanders. It is relaxed. It's scope is wide, it's execution is simple and effortless. I found myself yearning to be the author's guest at her little cabin by the pond. I wanted to pet her dogs, drink a beer with her neighbors. I wanted to walk in her woods. Fantastic job at gentle memoir.

Cormac McCarthy's Child of God

I'm only a third of the way through this book and it is already my new favorite book I've read at least this year. The language with is always comprehendible (it that a word? know what I mean though) yet mysterious and evocative and unlike any other grammar constructions I've come across. And the situations and Scenarios he puts out ugly protoganist through. It is natural, it is depraved, it is fascinating what Lester Ballard goes through and the people and landscapes inhabiting his world. I am blown over. Between Cormac McCarthy, Charles Bukowski, and John Fante...I got some new literary heroes to read and read and read.

Chicago Transit Authority

I propose that Motion is Holy. That is why I am so distraught over my experiences on the CTA. It is 90 minutes out of my day every day (45 minutes in, 45 minutes back home).

It is a crampy, incompotent, dirty, germ ridden method or motion. I can't abide it any longer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You Dig Shakespeare!

A-Hey, I'm going to California!
B-Really, I got a friend in California
B-Her name is _____
A-Cool. Is she hot?
B-...In her own way

Monday, July 25, 2005

Nail Clippings

It's Sunday. I'm on the train heading into the city, maybe to escape the heat in a Movie Theatre. I've got a couple of books with me in bag. It's an old habit, I just can't shake. I'm thinking about setting them down so I can just lean back and enjoy the train ride. I look down, and under the soles of shoes are a litter of nail clippings.

This is indicative of what it is to use mass transit in this city. I will leave this city. I will leave this city soon. I've had enough of settling for the shit up to my ankles. Cities suck. A young man can overlook the dirt, focusing only on his dreams. A middle aged man, has got better things to be doing then settling for this shit.

I'm free. I'm leaving this shit bag in 68 days!

Tonight, clean your apartment. Tomorrow, put it up for sublet!

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Road???

So when this chapter ends, do I straight to the next destination, or do I take some time to ramble around the old 48? I'm tending towards the later. Maybe, 3 to 4 weeks.

If I do, do I get a car, or do I rent a car. The great thing about the rental is of course that you can beat the hell out of it, and even if the tires go flat, they'll bring you out a replacement car. The down side, paying around 900 dollars to have the car for a month with insurance.

Sept 30th. That is the day. I'm done as of that day. I need to start doing things. I need to get to work. I got to get ready!

The Book of the Grotesques

That in the beginning when the world was young there
were a great many thoughts but no such thing as a
truth. Man made the truths himself and each truth was a
composite of a great many vague thoughts. All about in
the world were the truths and they were all beautiful.

The old man had listed hundreds of the truths in his
book. I will not try to tell you of all of them. There
was the truth of virginity and the truth of passion,
the truth of wealth and of poverty, of thrift and of
profligacy, of carelessness and abandon. Hundreds and
hundreds were the truths and they were all beautiful.

And then the people came along. Each as he appeared
snatched up one of the truths and some who were quite
strong snatched up a dozen of them.

It was the truths that made the people grotesques. The
old man had quite an elaborate theory concerning the
matter. It was his notion that the moment one of the
people took one of the truths to himself, called it his
truth, and tried to live his life by it, he became a
grotesque and the truth he embraced became a falsehood.

-Sherwood Anderson

For those of you who have not read S. Anderson, you are missing quite a treat. Bold, Direct, Simple stories about real people. Honest to a point that might have been considered scandalous for his time. This man is a treasure. I cant stress enough how impressed I am with every word of his i have read. The section above was taken from Winesburg, Ohio. Read it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan

Those two iconic characters are among my favorites. I didn't come to appreciate the insidious Fu Manchu until my late twenties, but Charlie Chan has been inside my kiddo mind since way way back. I remember during my Grade School days staying up late with the whole family on a Saturday Night to watch the old SNL's when they weren't the old SNLs. Being on the east coast, the wait until 11:30 could seem titanic, at least until we discovered Charlie Chan Mystery Theatre on UHF Channel 29.

I thought Chan was incredible. His intelligence and detective skill was heroic to me. My eyes were and still are seduced by the oriental designs when they appeared and by the dark houses, the dark alleys. Before I knew what noir was, I was slowly falling in love with dark city streets and creepy atmospherics of Charlie Chan's movies.

A dream of mine would be to do an homage piece pitting Fu Manchu against Charlle Chan of the Honolulu Police department. Unfortunately, these images these characters are quite offensive to a lot of Asain Americans. I think the only way I could get away with it, is if I made both of them so obviously, over the top characatures of old white men in yellow face. You know like having Jerry Stiller as Fu Manchu and Don Rickles as Charlie Chan.

"Get over here, number one hockeypuck!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Maybe, It's Time for another post.warning this one's full o' fictions

Well, how about I talk about my life a little as of recently. I usually have trouble finishing this sorts of blog entries becuase, well they can get as mundane as everyday life. So maybe to keep it interesting and any readers out there guessing, I'll pepper this entry with a few lies. Guesses from readers as to that which is true and that which is false will be rewarded to the best of my digital ability.

Sunday - White Sox

My good buddy R.K. and I went to the White Sox game. Unfortunately they lost in extra innings. The highlight of the entire day though was when we got to take a photo op with the ladies on the chevy pit crew team, you know the baseball/chevy truck cheerleaders with the heavy hangers. After the photo, I swear R.K. gave his pit crew gal a hug that lasted a full five seconds. That dawg!!! It's just the D-O-douba-G in 'em.

Saturday - Whole lot of nothing.

I took a bus ride downtown to do some book shopping and I also ate at the ESPNZONE, I'll tell ya, they got me hooked to those recliners and all those big screen TVs especially during baseball season when I can watch 3 or 4 games at the same time. There is nothing like eating red meat and grease watching the Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Braves all at the same time.

Then I head home on another bus. I'm enjoying the buses more than the trains lately, although I have to admit that they are alot less reliable than the trains. Coming back north, the bus stopped at Grace and the driver said 'Last Stop, everybody off' I asked her what was up. She just kept insisting that this was the end of the line and that all riders had to leave the bus.

ME-'But dont you guys usually go all the way north to Ravenswood'
SHE-'Not this bus'
ME-'This is 145'
SHE-'That's right'
ME-'But the 145 goes to Ravenswood'
SHE-'Not this 145'
ME-'I wish you would have told us that when we got on'
SHE-'I'm tellin you now. You have to go. I'm going to the garage'
ME-'Will another 145 be by'
SHE-'I guess'
ME-'You dont know'
SHE-'Look will you just get the hell off my bus'

Then she made that little flinch move like she was going to hit something. She didnt aim it at me, she aimed it straight ahead, but she looked me in the eye when she did it.

SHE-'Fuck ya all. You can walk home for all i care. Just get the fuck off my bus, now!'

Serious eye contact now. So, I grab my bag. I'm leaving I'm about to leave this gal's life probably for ever, just as I'm about pass her out the front door. She says, "That's right asshole."

I stop dead cold. I dont turn around to face her, but I turn forward toward her windsheild and spit on it. She makes a grab for me, but forgets she's got her seat belt on. By the time she's unbuckled, I'm off the bus and laughing my ass off at her. She's standing in the doorway yelling something at me about how dirty I am, and no matter what she said didnt excuse me spitting on her windshield. Then she threw a coke can at me. It missed.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Town

I've been reading Thorton Wilder's Our Town, and i have an idea. I want to do an abbreviated version, but every one in our town are monsters. So It'll be like Our Munster Town.

Mock me if you must. But, if you did this people would eat it up like Candy Corn!

I call dibs!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


"There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go."

-Tennessee Williams

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

When Majority Rules Perhaps we need a Pop Audience? Ramblings

The Dangers of Majority Rule without Minority Veto as laid out in David Brin's Blogspot

When the razor thin majority has enough political power it can limit the liberty of it's minority in an effort to ensure that their country is a reflection of majority moral/religious/political believe systems rather than a country where individuals rights are recognized so long as they dont interfer with others livelihood, such a world, it is important that we make messages which can we digested and recognized by the majority of Americans.

Finding ways to attack the consciousness America viserally. One of NBC's friends dying of Cancer that could be cured with stem cell research. An episode of NBC's Scrubs where a vigilante mistakes Zach Braff as an abortionist and stalks him mercilessly. An episode of Will and Grace where a year or two in the future, DCFS takes away a lesbian couples baby. An episode of WB's What I like about you, where Amanda Bines has to go to Canada in order to get pharmacuetical contraception because it was made illegal in her State.

It sounds so trite cause I've heard it out of the mouths of people I respect and people I cant stand, but the revolution will not be televised. Yep. That makes sense. How could it be?