Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan

Those two iconic characters are among my favorites. I didn't come to appreciate the insidious Fu Manchu until my late twenties, but Charlie Chan has been inside my kiddo mind since way way back. I remember during my Grade School days staying up late with the whole family on a Saturday Night to watch the old SNL's when they weren't the old SNLs. Being on the east coast, the wait until 11:30 could seem titanic, at least until we discovered Charlie Chan Mystery Theatre on UHF Channel 29.

I thought Chan was incredible. His intelligence and detective skill was heroic to me. My eyes were and still are seduced by the oriental designs when they appeared and by the dark houses, the dark alleys. Before I knew what noir was, I was slowly falling in love with dark city streets and creepy atmospherics of Charlie Chan's movies.

A dream of mine would be to do an homage piece pitting Fu Manchu against Charlle Chan of the Honolulu Police department. Unfortunately, these images these characters are quite offensive to a lot of Asain Americans. I think the only way I could get away with it, is if I made both of them so obviously, over the top characatures of old white men in yellow face. You know like having Jerry Stiller as Fu Manchu and Don Rickles as Charlie Chan.

"Get over here, number one hockeypuck!"

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