Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Maybe, It's Time for another post.warning this one's full o' fictions

Well, how about I talk about my life a little as of recently. I usually have trouble finishing this sorts of blog entries becuase, well they can get as mundane as everyday life. So maybe to keep it interesting and any readers out there guessing, I'll pepper this entry with a few lies. Guesses from readers as to that which is true and that which is false will be rewarded to the best of my digital ability.

Sunday - White Sox

My good buddy R.K. and I went to the White Sox game. Unfortunately they lost in extra innings. The highlight of the entire day though was when we got to take a photo op with the ladies on the chevy pit crew team, you know the baseball/chevy truck cheerleaders with the heavy hangers. After the photo, I swear R.K. gave his pit crew gal a hug that lasted a full five seconds. That dawg!!! It's just the D-O-douba-G in 'em.

Saturday - Whole lot of nothing.

I took a bus ride downtown to do some book shopping and I also ate at the ESPNZONE, I'll tell ya, they got me hooked to those recliners and all those big screen TVs especially during baseball season when I can watch 3 or 4 games at the same time. There is nothing like eating red meat and grease watching the Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Braves all at the same time.

Then I head home on another bus. I'm enjoying the buses more than the trains lately, although I have to admit that they are alot less reliable than the trains. Coming back north, the bus stopped at Grace and the driver said 'Last Stop, everybody off' I asked her what was up. She just kept insisting that this was the end of the line and that all riders had to leave the bus.

ME-'But dont you guys usually go all the way north to Ravenswood'
SHE-'Not this bus'
ME-'This is 145'
SHE-'That's right'
ME-'But the 145 goes to Ravenswood'
SHE-'Not this 145'
ME-'I wish you would have told us that when we got on'
SHE-'I'm tellin you now. You have to go. I'm going to the garage'
ME-'Will another 145 be by'
SHE-'I guess'
ME-'You dont know'
SHE-'Look will you just get the hell off my bus'

Then she made that little flinch move like she was going to hit something. She didnt aim it at me, she aimed it straight ahead, but she looked me in the eye when she did it.

SHE-'Fuck ya all. You can walk home for all i care. Just get the fuck off my bus, now!'

Serious eye contact now. So, I grab my bag. I'm leaving I'm about to leave this gal's life probably for ever, just as I'm about pass her out the front door. She says, "That's right asshole."

I stop dead cold. I dont turn around to face her, but I turn forward toward her windsheild and spit on it. She makes a grab for me, but forgets she's got her seat belt on. By the time she's unbuckled, I'm off the bus and laughing my ass off at her. She's standing in the doorway yelling something at me about how dirty I am, and no matter what she said didnt excuse me spitting on her windshield. Then she threw a coke can at me. It missed.

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