Monday, July 25, 2005

Nail Clippings

It's Sunday. I'm on the train heading into the city, maybe to escape the heat in a Movie Theatre. I've got a couple of books with me in bag. It's an old habit, I just can't shake. I'm thinking about setting them down so I can just lean back and enjoy the train ride. I look down, and under the soles of shoes are a litter of nail clippings.

This is indicative of what it is to use mass transit in this city. I will leave this city. I will leave this city soon. I've had enough of settling for the shit up to my ankles. Cities suck. A young man can overlook the dirt, focusing only on his dreams. A middle aged man, has got better things to be doing then settling for this shit.

I'm free. I'm leaving this shit bag in 68 days!

Tonight, clean your apartment. Tomorrow, put it up for sublet!

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