Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Town

I've been reading Thorton Wilder's Our Town, and i have an idea. I want to do an abbreviated version, but every one in our town are monsters. So It'll be like Our Munster Town.

Mock me if you must. But, if you did this people would eat it up like Candy Corn!

I call dibs!


The Casual Fan said...

I'm confused. What would be the point of this? Are all the incidental characters (the milkman, the paper boy, the preacher) also monsters? Is there a distinct correlation between each character and their monster counterpart? Or would you make the Narrator a werewolf just...because? What are you trying to say with this idea, other than you could make a lot of money with it? I could make a lot of money jumping off buildings into pudding but I don't because it says nothing other than the general public are morons that will eat up any silly exhibition a person can conceive.

Devilvet said...

Hmmm...Are you really confused by this or are you simply trying to make me feel some sort of guilt cause I thought up a funny little (albeit mindless) bit? I phrase my question that way because the last sentence of your post seems a little harsh. That being said, I myself can get harsh and intense sometimes too (previous posts will attest to that).

This performance piece would have no redeeming value aside from the fact that it would provide me and the audience about 40 minutes escapism from things like bombs going off in the London tube. If one worked hard at it, they could probably come up with various kinds of interesting parables between the idea of cultural/societal 'otherness' using the munsters as a leaping off point (aka the Wooster Group's Rte 1 & 9...perhaps you are familiar with this historic deconstruction starring Willem Dafoe in Blackface?).

I would probably though just make this a little light hearted faire where the incidental characters were probably 'normal' and the Gibbs and Webbs were 'Monsters'. The toughest decision of course would be the narrator. Should you go the 'Karloff' route? Probably the older more lovable Karloff as narrator a la Mario Bava's "Black Sabbath" film.

Rather than saying something about the public and whether or not they are morons, I'd rather just use this kind of thing as a sort of Halloween Candy. Not only could I make a lot of money with this, i could have fun doing it. Then I'd take all those profits and put up a more serious play that has a more meritable idea after I tired of 'Our Monster Town'.

BTW Casual I know you? Just wondering. And thanks for the question.

Devilvet said...

p.s. casual fan, unless you're extremely sexy, chances are no one's going to pay to see you jump into pudding regardless if they are a moron or not.

p.p.s. if you are sexy enough to make money doing that, then I suggesting quitting your dayjob. You might even be able to make a million dollars selling a sort of lotto where the winning geek gets to lick pudding off of you if you survive the plunge.

p.p.p.s. if do the previous, I want a cut of the profits.

p.p.p.p.s. I hope you know that I'm kidding. I hope you crack a small microscopic smile reading this, and I wish you well!

Leigh Cooper said...

Interesting idea, aren't we all monsters if you get right down to it? And, by the way, thanx for visiting my site. By the way, again, who is the man in the picture on your profile?

Devilvet said...


That is the great actor, Robert Ryan. The picture is from one of my all time favorite film noirs "The Set-Up"