Tuesday, July 05, 2005

When Majority Rules Perhaps we need a Pop Audience? Ramblings

The Dangers of Majority Rule without Minority Veto as laid out in David Brin's Blogspot

When the razor thin majority has enough political power it can limit the liberty of it's minority in an effort to ensure that their country is a reflection of majority moral/religious/political believe systems rather than a country where individuals rights are recognized so long as they dont interfer with others livelihood, sancity...in such a world, it is important that we make messages which can we digested and recognized by the majority of Americans.

Finding ways to attack the consciousness America viserally. One of NBC's friends dying of Cancer that could be cured with stem cell research. An episode of NBC's Scrubs where a vigilante mistakes Zach Braff as an abortionist and stalks him mercilessly. An episode of Will and Grace where a year or two in the future, DCFS takes away a lesbian couples baby. An episode of WB's What I like about you, where Amanda Bines has to go to Canada in order to get pharmacuetical contraception because it was made illegal in her State.

It sounds so trite cause I've heard it out of the mouths of people I respect and people I cant stand, but the revolution will not be televised. Yep. That makes sense. How could it be?

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