Friday, August 26, 2005


That's how many I got till I'm out.

OK, this week was crazy. Tuesday at work, I started feeling a little nausea like a flu or something. I was in the bathroom 3 times in one hour, just turned into a crap machine. I left work early got on the train to go home. Then it hit me, I got extreme sweats, extreme dizziness, my stomach started cramping like there was no tomorrow. I thought to myself, this is it. Whatever you're body's been planning for the last 6 weeks, now it comes to a head.

I was attempting to transfer at Fullerton when everything fell apart. I stepped off one train onto the other and almost fainted. I stepped off the train back onto the platform and told the CTA lady I thought I needed an ambulence. She asked me, what I had said, and the next thing I was throwing up and praying to God over the trash can. This took I estimate about 2 or 3 minutes. I had nothing on my stomach except water and bile.

The striking thing I remember is being in this very public place having this crisis. People around me didn't know what to do. Dodgily avoiding eye contact, trying to no get involved with the man puking his insides out. I was alone in the crowd. I wanted to apologize to everyone around me. I wanted to assure them that even if I appear to be dying right now, I'm not so terrible monster you need to avoid. But, I didn't stay focused on them that much. I was still incredibly sick.

They got me to the hospital. They ran all kinds of tests. Becuase I had been experiencing stomach pain they did a CT to look for possible appendicitis. They did full blood and urine anaylsis. They found nothing. They found me to be soundly safely healthy. 'Maybe you had some food poisoning or a stomach flu. But, we're sending you home.'

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