Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bored, forget about the internet

Today, i am officially bored with the internet. I've gone to about all the sites that have interest for me. I can still listen to internet radio (when I'm home and dont have to worry about an IT guy monitoring how much bandwidth I'm using). I do get joy from boards and talking/typing with friends.

But, all the bells and whistles. The flashy graphics and what not? I'm just bored with it today. Of course take it all away and I'll probably miss it terribly.

I think today will be my last physical therapy session. I've gotten all I'm going to get from it. My therapist is a good guy and he listens, but I think that he's done all he can do for me. I'm looking at my appt with the Dr. next week more as an exit interview then anything else. He'll suggest that we go to chiropractic, but with 6 weeks left in c-town is it worth it?

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