Monday, August 22, 2005


My Stomach gave me a lot of trouble this weekend. Sharp pokes a couple of time. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he did a bunch of tests all of which came up negative. He just told me to lose some weight and watch my blood pressure. I'm seeing my gastroenterology next week. I have more trust in his throughness and judgement.

I guess my great fear at the moment is that I'm developing appendicitis. I'm afraid that I'm going to wake up sometime between now and my other doctor appointment squeezing my stomach in pain and be laid up in a hospital for weeks like Dad was laid out at home. Or maybe a hernia.

The second fear is that this is something that will delay or destroy my trip to Atlanta. Like some sort of self fulfilling prophecy. I started today asking myself seriously how I would manage if I had to stay in Chicago. I don't like that kind of thinking. I want to get past this town so bad. I dont think I can get past my hatred for the ugliness of this city.

Maybe it is nothing. I hope the first Dr was right. But, right now my body is telling me that he is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

"I dont think I can get past my hatred for the ugliness of this city."

Damn. I didn't know it was THAT bad.