Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy Stuff

Yesterday, I blew off work and stayed in bed late. That was nice. I had lunch at my favorite spot, the ESPNZone and they bought my lunch! Nice! Got 2 new white sox t-shirts and the Sin City DVD. I also listened to some free music at a church. It was Brahms. I like Brahms. The violinist reminded me of how hot classical musicians can be. The way she moved while playing, stirred something in me, not necessarily sexual, but primal. I wanted to commune and consume that energy she was letting off. Adn when those long locks of hair flow about something ecstatic happens.

I've been enjoying alot of free classical music in the city lately. It's nice. I hope Atlanta has that too. Seen some great movies lately too. Four Brother, Broken Flowers. Baseball...going to see Sox and Yankees. Good stuff!

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