Monday, August 29, 2005


Man, if you never been to Milwaukee, then go. Don't think twice about it. Load up the car and get to that town for visit. It has the most beautiful downtown area I've ever seen in a city. Miller Park is a wonderful and relaxing place to watch a ball game. Downtown they have a four story used bookstore called Renaissance Books. It is a little ratty and dirty but there is a treasure trove for the bookphile (is that right? bookphile?)

The only disappointment was the Museum of Art. It just is trying to hard and as a result fails twice as bad.

I now have a regret. Not getting to Milwaukee sooner. If I ever had to come back north, I'd seriously consider landing there.


"Orange Mike" Lowrey said...

Thanks for the praise of Renaissance Books. We like to think of ourselves as "funky" rather than ratty, but what the heck. Have you ever been to our airport branch?

Devilvet said...

hello mike,

actually I havent been to the airport branch.

floors 1 and up = funky
but that basemant with the magazines ... a little less