Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Authors (New to Me That is)

Scott Wolven, Denis Johnson, Thom Jones... I am digging these short story writers. Especially Wolven right now. Man, I love the way he writes, his word combinations, his scenarios. He makes me long for and fear the lonely cold of winter at the same time. A testostarone addiction that heals one cheek and scars the other.

Thom Jones' "Roadrunner" short story made me laugh out loud and proved an example how the wonders of verbosity are not the sole real estate of the well read. The mouth on his narrator is common, but so endearing and awesome. I wish I talked like that every day.

Denis Johnson, Well I've read some of the plays which confound, confuse, and yet still intrigue me. I bought a novel, but havn't yet dived in. I started the short story collection "Jesus' Son" though. Man, that was good stuff.

I'm getting back to the point when I'm tunring the TV off and instead heading to the coffeehouse, finding a comfortable chair and reading. Lord, it feels so good to do. Thank you.

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Charles said...

Somebody else to check out, if you haven't, is George Saunders. Any of his short stories. Actually, he has a story in the New Yorker this week, I believe.