Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Things I'll miss

  1. White Sox
  2. Powells Downtown
  3. Barreycorn Football Sunday - having the place all to myself
  4. My pals at the ESPNZone
  5. Harold Washington Library
  6. Old Town School of Folk Music
  7. The Music Box - First Movie Theatre I went to in Chicago. We saw 'City of Lost Children' also the first place I saw 'Kiss Me Deadly' (personal important moment)
  8. Loft Theatre at the Bailiwick
  9. BBQs at Don and Jen's
  10. Ron, Derek, and everyone I ever did a Mammals' show with
  11. All the Mom and Pop diners...down south it's all Perkins and Dennys and Waffle House
  12. The sound of the train (in the early evenings)
  13. The Perfect Cup
  14. Sweet Occasions
  15. Pancakes at the Square Kitchen

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