Thursday, September 29, 2005

So Many Goodbyes

It's making me a little weepy. Seriously. Goodbye to

The Brown Line
The Skyline
My Job
My friends at work
My friends in theatre
My way of living for the past 6 years, hell the past 8 years.

I do feel like I'm going home, regardless I hear the music today, the Johns Williams music that tells me the movie is about to wrap. "Bob's Chicago Story" is about to wrap.

Friday, September 23, 2005

CTA Sight

Saw a young man, middle twenties, suit and tie and leather shoes on his way to work. He was knitting some thing small and gray. He's manner was covert, rather than secretive. An occasional side glance. But for th most part pretending that he was doing nothing out of the ordinary hoping that would give him anyomity. Everyone saw him.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chicago to Seattle to Portland to Yosemite to LA to Atlanta

My road trip!

Looks like I can do it for less than 2000. Which is great news. It means I'll still have a nice little nest egg by the time I get to Atlanta!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

White Sox Baseball

The sky was on fire last night. Possibly my last night at the Cell, Comisky as I like to think of it. I sat for a few minutes up on the fan deck. Wonderful. I got to see my 2005 Chicago White Sox once again. As the cannons blared and the boys took the field, I held back a tear.

We didn't win that game. But, I did get to see my team once again live on the field. Not since the Yankees on 1997-1999, have I felt this close to a team. Regardless of whether or not we can hold back the tribe, I have grown to love these players and think of them as my guys, my team, my gang, my own.

So, I want to take a moment and be thankful for all the good times they gave me this month, to be thankful for Hawk and DJ whom I always enjoy listening to. I want to be thankful for the taste of those Brats, the best I've ever had, period...those silly t-shirt vendors outside.

Friday, September 16, 2005

What makes good theatre?

"Anything but BORE me" - George Judy, FSU Faculty

I find myself shrugging my shoulders at this question. I don't know what makes 'good' theatre becuase everybody seems to want something different from their theatrical experiences.

To answer this question I have to come up with a successful definition of 'good' that deals not only with asthetics but also with concepts of universality.

The question itself, no matter how honest and sincere the interviewer, is itself a cliche, in that spirit...

I can only tell you that,
like obsenity, I know good theatre when I see it.
Like Jazz, if you have to ask you'll never know.
And like Fame, it usually only sticks around for 15 minutes but everybody gets a little of it sometime during the course of their life.

As a maker of Theatre, I wonder if we should aim at worrying about making 'good' theatre. I never try to make good theatre (save the puns please), I always try to make something that I want to watch. I don't know what the audience wants or thinks is good. I only know my own tastes.

I make theatre that I would want to see.

I also think that who is asking this question is always asking the wrong people. I don't think you need to ask actors or people with aspirations to perform this question. They will almost always perform their answers. Their answers will feel good, they will be littered with references to community, to humanity, to communicating...they will all have these tried, true and rote points in common. What was once truth is not trite, a trademark, a selling point.

Also, Artistic Directors, Directors of Marketing, and/or anybody who spends time wondering/worrying about the bottom budgetary line. Out of necessity, these people will always come up with answers that between the lines confirm their dearest hopes that an organization that is fiscally sound is that way becuase of good theatre/good marketing.

Marketing itself has become the most important aspect of theatre.

I forget who but someone famous once said 'Whenever I hear someone talking about community...I make sure to have a firm grasp of my wallet'. After a decade of fearful grant writing, this answers are now rote responses from would be dilletantes who were born 2 to 3 decades too late. These sort of responses are engineered to be what we think the audience wants to hear.

Good Theatre considers the needs of the community? And a duck goes quack...come on what else?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

4 Parks in one season

So on a whim, I went to Wrigley Field yesterday. I did it just so thaI wouldn't have to worry about saying to myself that I wish I had gone one more time. I'm glad I went, but it's still the frat house dumping ground I remember it to be.

That makes 4 parks this season (Comisky, Wrigley, Turner, Miller)

Next Year I'm hoping for the following (Comisky, Turner, Camden, Pittsburgh, Tropicana)

I also bought another novelity shirt. I'm a sucker for those shirts. This one say that "Cardinals take it up their Pujols". For 10 bucks I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Atlanta to Chicago to Atlanta

So, I think I got the apartment I wanted. I put the deposit down. I also put a deposit down on a new car. It will be waiting for me in Atlanta when I get there.

All I have to do now is hope, pray and post to get this chicago apt subletted.

I am also still waiting to get the confirmation regarding my apartment to be in Atlanta. I'm sure the later is fine. I just want to get the former done. You know?

I think I may have someone to purchase my bed from me. That is good. If that comes to pass then hurray!

It is actually happening. It hard to believe. But, I am happy and excited. Happier than I've been in a long while.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hotlanta Here I Come!

I leave today to go apartment shopping. I'm having a little difficulty with the property mgt here in Chicago. The on site super asked me to tell him when I could leave so he can paint the apartment. The Property Mgt said to ask him if the apartment had been shown, but that they hadn't gotten anything yet in the way of an application.

So, If I don't get an answer from them by the end of the day as to whether or not I'm to vacate then I have to move forward with an October 30th move in date to Atlanta.

Frustrating confusing. I'm trying not to let the stress get to me. I woke up this morning and started having back spasms in the shower. I know it's just the stress which helps, but man o man. I want this parliament enterprise mgt out of my life.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ultimately, the third of the three women makes you more reflective. You are constantly thinking about your place in grand paradigm rather than fantasizing about her place in your paradigm. You wonder about your future and if the going can get better.

The Second Woman engulfs your vision. You don't see yourself entirely. You only see the parts of you that come into contact with the parts of her. They rest of you becomes irrelevant. Only now counts.

The First Woman makes you think about where you came from. You focus less on your ego and more on your actions in the past. You're looking at a map and wondering if you took a wrong turn.

The Third of Three Women

The fulcrum. The nuturer. But, to be with her would best be described as 'sticking it out'. She's the marriage without the honeymoon. There isn't a lot of joie de vivre, but there is living. She'll cook, she'll care. She's a humanitarian and if she weren't with you, you might even covet that promise of contentment and tranquility.

You'll survive. You'll laugh and cry. You'll hold hands. But, you'll doubt. You'll itch. You'll question. You'll be thankful, and feel cheated at the same time. You'll settle.

And you'll wonder if settling for her will lead to all other sorts of personal settlements. Will you forget your own aspirations for glory. Are you convinced that your most exciting days are now behind you? Will you spent that money you were saving for a sports car instead on a canopy bed. Will you give up your favorite movies, favorite music, favorite books because they aren't to her taste.

You'll learn how to hide. You'll yearn for solitude. Once you have the solitude, you'll feel lonely. Good thing you're learning how to hide your anger.

The Second of Three Women

You can't trust this woman, but you don't care. Stiletto limbs press like pins into soft perfect ass of baby fat. This sort of woman would make a man beg if he thought it would make a difference. Her sex appeal was so strong that the average penis length increased by a couple inches in any room she entered. Her amphetamine wink once aimed at a man would make him ache sleepless for weeks. Once she got into your head, once she got you playing a tortuous game of 'what if' you were lost, useless, ruined.

She never wanted me, but still I had something she wanted. Or thought she wanted. She taught me my own limits of deception. Once she got within arms reach, she rendered my poker face pointless. I understood that to court this pandora would require a evolutionary climb, and I discovered such a scientific feat could occasionally be made though sheer will. With my back turned toward her, I'm thankful for the encounter. Facing her though, I feel resentment. Her perfect neck can never be fully possessed by it's beholder. I want to consume that neck. I want to use my teeth, like I would with a perfect apple.