Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Third of Three Women

The fulcrum. The nuturer. But, to be with her would best be described as 'sticking it out'. She's the marriage without the honeymoon. There isn't a lot of joie de vivre, but there is living. She'll cook, she'll care. She's a humanitarian and if she weren't with you, you might even covet that promise of contentment and tranquility.

You'll survive. You'll laugh and cry. You'll hold hands. But, you'll doubt. You'll itch. You'll question. You'll be thankful, and feel cheated at the same time. You'll settle.

And you'll wonder if settling for her will lead to all other sorts of personal settlements. Will you forget your own aspirations for glory. Are you convinced that your most exciting days are now behind you? Will you spent that money you were saving for a sports car instead on a canopy bed. Will you give up your favorite movies, favorite music, favorite books because they aren't to her taste.

You'll learn how to hide. You'll yearn for solitude. Once you have the solitude, you'll feel lonely. Good thing you're learning how to hide your anger.

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