Monday, January 16, 2006

Audience again.

So, I had two people tell me that they aren't just talking about more audience, but their relationship to audience.

So Long as we are talking about our relationship to the people who are actually in the seats, I think that is fine.

But, I think we could do well to admit that often conversations about audience devolve into as Scott Walter's puts it... "rather hackneyed ideas and complaints".

So lets make some real change. New ideas, new modes.
Don started something good today about the actual art.

If we are talking about ACCESS as he puts it, good! Even audience development is good, but Audience Building...ack!!!!! Again, I say that the Americans who want to go the theatre are already there.

I want to be a storyteller first. Arts Admin second. I'm interested in talking about the audience relationship only if it leads to the first. To be blunt, I've had too much of the second. I've had the conversation and I've been to the arts retreats than deal with the second to the exclusion of the first.

We can have space for COMMERCE on the blogsphere, but please not the the exclusion of how we tell stories and what stories we tell.


Freeman said...

Sorry we're not on the same page. I think the discussion has room for both. I believe that in the United States, barring an act of God (or Congress, take your pick) we're not about to see a massive influx of state funding and it's a terrible shame. But if we don't want to become cultural dinosaurs, we need to consider how to get people who are NOT currently interested in the theatre to become interested in the theater.

It doesn't matter what stories we tell, or if we tell stories at all, if no one is listening.

Stephen K. said...

Ok, I've got nothing contructive to offer on the audience question. I just wanted to welcome you back to your blog. I knew I kept checking on it for a reason.

Glad you found a good job. I hope the apartment and everything else is working out for you.

Freeman said...

Great. So what are you working on?