Friday, January 20, 2006

A lot of big words are getting thrown around

Narrative - It isn't going away. The best you can do is hope for non-linear narratives. And realize that the moment they leave the theatre, 95% of your audience will juggle around the episodic images they are able to recall into some sort of linear narrative. Narrative and interpretation are inseparable when it comes to storytelling.

I can't remember the article I read by him, but even Foreman has admitted this, that he need not put or even conceive of any narrative, the audience will do it eventually.

The linearity of the episodes you present can be altered, jumbled, rearranged so as to aid in an attempted ambiguity in your storytelling. But, the audience will rearrange it later after the show to suit them.

One reason why theatre hasn't "evolved" in this country is due to the effects of democracy on our culture and market. WE deserve the president that we get. Not as individuals but as a society. And as a Democracy majority rules via the polls and via the pocketbooks. Result, innovations in expression that the majority find too difficult, too distasteful, too challenging, too frightening...are eventually relegated to the fringe by the members of the democracy.

Boring Bad Theatre? Well, I'm afraid that's democracy at work.

Nobody ever posts comments to my blog. Why?


Freeman said...

Not sure. No one used to post on mine either.

But hey, here you go.

Scott Walters said...

I'll post! I disagree!

I think the audience is dwindling for theatre precisely because of the scornful attitudes you express in your post. The unfounded belief that artists are somehow smarter than their audience is unjustified. People stay away from theatre in droves because they have had enough of artists' crappy attitudes.

I think narrative is at the center of the theatre. Unfortunately, so many thoughtful artists think that not telling a coherent, meaningful story is somehow avant-garde. Me? I think it is a sign that they have nothing important to say.