Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So, let me just say...

I've been really enjoying some of my new blog buddies. Scott Walters, Matt Freeman, and a few others. I'm mainly emphasizing them because well, we've be emailing or posting back and forth and I'm feeling the "like".

Matt is talking about "indie" theatre. Whereas I like his intent, I'm hoping I can convince at least him that "indie" is a bad brand for any sort of theatre because it doesn't communicate enough about the theatre to those whom you want to know the brand.

Scott's got a bunch of us chiming in and ran a little color commentary on Don and Me rattling our sabres at each other, before smoking a cigar together in virtual space.

Sometime soon when I get the courage I'll put these dudes in my links. Soon.

Loving it.

I'm hoping to find some time to sit down and start up my playwighting again. I'm all moved in and I got my new job. Time to start the boxing play back up.


Paul Imboden said...

Really glad to hear you picking up the I Must Not Fall banner again, DVet.

Scott Walters said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm enjoying having you on board, too, and look forward to lots more conversation. And I'll get you on my blogroll soon.