Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More B Ball

Got to tune into MLBTV a little bit before today's game and see the sox get their rings. Saw Arron get his and the crowds response. Did make me a little teary. We both had to leave c-town.

Get opening day/night...White Sox won opening night. 2 HRs from Thome. 1 for Piazza at his very first at bat as Padre. A grand Slam for A-Rod. Even Frank Thomas got a HR at his first at bat.

The sad story thus far is pitching. Zito, Freddie Gracia, Johann Santana had disappointing starts.

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Ravin said...

Howz'bout that Thome huh? Whoo-Hoo!I think the Sox are on the road when you come into town next. We may have to just go to a bar and watch a game.