Friday, June 23, 2006

The future

Did I tell you that I going back to Chicago? Well, I am. I can't write down here in ATL. That is a big problem. The writer's block is better now that I've made up my mind, but as soon as the lease expires...then bang zoom back to the Windy City...back to work on the Mammals. Next month (when I gots a little cash) I'm going to get the website back up and running. In the spring, we do 1 or 2 workshops, then in the Fall it's a remount of Mexican Wrestling Macbeth.

I've been skipping all around the blogosphere and been inspired by some of the other artists. I need to figure out the youtube thing it seems like it should be pretty easy.

I spoke with Don Hall, and got good hopes for the Board Room Drama ala David Milch inspired creation thingy...The working title is Ten Suits till I come up with something better. It is also something to dig into as soon as I hit the ground in c-town in November.

I've been hestitating writing about the November move cause I know that if anyone at work cared they could get to this blog, but hey...I need the if anybody from the dayjob is reading this...just let me know that you know.

I think I'm going back on caffeine for a while. I just need something to lift the depression and get my ass in gear and out of bed. I come home from work most nights and just collapse into bed. Waking up in time to catch a little Futurama on the TV and then fall back a sleep. That's the way it has been since I got back from my trip to Augusta.

Speaking of Augusta, I love minor league baseball now. I went to Greenjackets game and had a blast. It was so relaxing and Fun. Capital F ...without all the stress of parking and getting out of the parking lot and high priced tickets...go minor leagues. Before I go back up north I want to see a Barons game and a Montgomery biscuits game.

If any of my old budds are reading this then please drop a quick comment. It's such a little thing, but it would be a nice way to help me aleve a little bit of the temporary depression I'm in.


Paul said...

Can't wait for your return, Fisher.

goose said...

I'm reading, brother. Hang in there. There's an end in sight. . .


Anonymous said...

The city with a capitol "C". That's what me and my buddies used to call it when we were doing time in that place that only the clowns love...well...clowns and those little puppies with the big ears that you see in all the Malls these days. Those friggin puppies. I wish I had a dollar for ev'ry time I've eaten one of those little bastards. And the DON"T taste like chicken!!
Believe me.
That reminds me of a poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Hey...don't eat that puppy you sick bastard!

I need a new job. The Catholic Church is driving me to eat domestic animals.

Cheer up. It's not like you live in Atlanta.

The familiy all says hello!