Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Revolution!!! ???

A revolution from what? Is this call for revolution, this call for relevance, it is an honest call to action?

My greatest concern is that beneath this call is a bruised vanity on the part of the artist...

Here's a question to ask ourselves before we call to revolution. "What is my 'value' to my audience?" and if we are not happy then the next answer is "Why?"

We have to be carefuly that we are not stalking an audience that would rather just get a restrainting order put upon us.

Are we obsessed? Are we obsessed with a shift in the art? Or are we obsessed with a shift in the audience?

I'm obsessed with the opiate of theater...I like how it takes the edge off my life. I need an audience in order to get this "high". Is any call on my part for a revolution for a relevance simply born out of my own self interest cloaked as a call out to audience to action?

Am I trying to make this world a better place or am I merely trying to make my houses fuller?

So says the devil's advocate...

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