Friday, June 23, 2006

Ten Suits

Somethings I'd like to see in the ten suits play

1. 2 brothers at odds
2. An interview that is set awkward my the boss' daughter
3. A Psycho-Analyst
4. A Bounty Hunter
5. Tales of mercenaries hired to protect the rain forests.
6. An idealist who surrenders his ideals for the sake of his children's hunger
7. A capitalist scorned who turns toward something selfless
8. Blood

There is nothing 'well-made' about this list of these ideas. These are just the first things coming into my head. It is my hope that from this flotsam, from within this pile of coal, I can squeeze a diamond.

The Board Room scenario appeals to me, because it is an environment I would not so readily have chosen in the past, preferring more phantasmogoric settings. I will undoubtedly make the board room phantasmagoric before I'm done, but hey I want to start with a foundation opposite to the Noir, Sci-Fi, Goth Victorian settings I've gravitated to in the past.

One brother realizes that the corporation in positioned to save the environment. The other brother sees no profit in such a global intervention. 2 brothers struggle

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