Friday, June 30, 2006

What I need



ecstasy as Entertainment

ecstasy aka a state characterized by greatly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness which is frequently accompanied by visions and emotional/intuitive(and sometimes physical) euphoria as a form of entertainment aka a leisure activity consisting of an event and an audience that views the event and participates.

This seems like a wonderful alternate to what passes today as pop culture. But do the masses want ecstasy?

Doesn't ecstasy require something of those who experience it? And with a populace which seems each day to be moving toward the agnostic even the atheistic doesn't the idea of ecstasy seem lacking in validity.

Are we a members of this society safe in social circumstances, safe even to allow ourselves ecstasy?

Is not ecstasy the opiate, the fix, the quality which when once felt by the artist entwines him or her? It is that state of ecstasy which I think drives me at the very least.

I make plays that I want to see. I want performances that are emmersive in their quality.

I want to be a magician. I want to cast spells with my theater. I want to connect with the divine. I want my humanity to be celebrated, analyzed, and elevated.

I don't need a revolution. I don't need to put myself in a place where I'm thinking of nothing but the money necessary to fulfill a potentially narcassitic need. I need to make as many moments left in my life filled with as high a degree of ecstasy as possible.

I need ecstasy. I need to remember this when I start up again in the fall.

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