Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's the little things and more on the futue

Starting reading "Writing Down the Bones". One of the authors myriad suggestions fast and early in the book is to get out of the house and go write in the cafe. But where are the cafes down here? There are a number of overstuffed Starbucks, which are comfortable enough, and right now, I'm writing this in a bar (probably the nicest in the area when it comes to brunch and beer). But when I go inside my head, I remember so many other nice cafes. I remember the "Perfect Cup" I remember "Sweet Occasions". I recall how embracing those places were, how comforting it was to come in out of the cold to those places.

I have just now starting finding the strength, determination, whatever to start writing again. Why has it returned? Because I decided to return. Return to the windy city that is. My writing has for longer than I can remember been about empowering my expression as a stage dramatist. I couldn't write previously while been here in Atlanta because I didn't believe that those words would ever seen the light of a stage here in Atlanta. I still believe that. But now that I know I'm returning to Chicago, I know that I will have access once again to the stage.

I've also been reading "Hero with a Thousand Faces". This book has been helping me reassess the choices I've made this past year. The reasons for these choices. It has helped me to understand the impetus beneath my skin to return and also the understanding that to deny this impetus now is a denial of life. I must live as the man that I was meant to be. That means going back to c-town.

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