Sunday, July 16, 2006


Going to Paris TN tomorrow. It will be a heck of a Monday. Leave the apt at 5am to get to the airport arrive then drive 2 hours and train until 5pm central standard time. Ughhhh.

Been going to the chiropractor and that has been really helping out. It puts me in a good mood to know I'm actually getting better backwise.


Anonymous said...

Paris, Tennessee...
Is that anything like Knoxville, France??

RMcB said...

Hey...found this...thought you would REALLY enjoy it!!

a story by Trebor Edirbcm

Three years he had been at it...but still to no avail. It still grew lifeless and grey off the side of his head. All the filing and sanding hadn't helped at all...all the chemicals...bleaches...and various petroleum products handn't shrunk it one tiny bit. All the needles, small flames and explosives...nothing worked. True, they had burnt all the hair off his head and he was nearly blind from the fumes...but still grew and grew. He thought of a journey to the East, all the psychic healers there...maybe they could help. Maybe they could stem the growth. But the cruel looks of others kept him confined to his townhome. If only he could make it to Paris, Tennessee...there the snake-handlers who gospeled and shimmied around like leprechauns were renowned for their prowess. But when remembered the movie "Deliverance"...he shrunk back from his resolve. He didn't want some greasy mountain man riding him like a Shetland pony.
The end.


C. H. Green said...

Well, we don't handle live snakes no more hon. We just buy the rubber ones and shake em real fast. And as far as being in the mountains--that's the other end of the state. LOL.