Thursday, August 03, 2006

A little embrassed about comments

So, I didnt know that I had to moderate my comments. I had like 25 of them sitting and waiting to be read, so if you posted to this blog and never saw it, well that was my fault.

On the other hand, I was so thankful to see that people were actually reading the things that I wrote.

Who knows maybe that's what I needed in order to start feeling that writing on this blog matters.

Frustrated at the all conversations I wanted to start that someone actually took the bait and I didn't find their to those of you out there freeman, don, scott walters, sk, paul, goose, Rmc...keep commenting...I know how to find them now.


RMcB said...

I know...I know...
for the longest time I wasn't checking my blogs...other things kept getting in the way...taking up too much of my time. Pushing out the essentials. Blocking the path. Hindering furthering. I read a lot of things...and this takes time. Like the other day I was reading an article about something, I don't remember what, and it happened again...first in a low drone and then later a higher pitched yet inaudible buzz or hum. Admittedly, she was in the room, but I tend to discount such notions, I tend to take the "high road"...the path of "least resistance"...the "least common denominator".....and claiming her breasts make high pitched, inuadible sounds is definitely not the "high road." Besides, when I lean closer to get a better idea, I get I guess we'll have to file this one under "unsolved." But I suppose there are better things for me to be doing with my time.

rmcb said...

Well, she was at it again. For years I thought I could control her in this regard, but now I can see it was to no avail, as they say. The one thing that troubled me was her insidious use of the cornucopia mantle piece. I could see, maybe a hat, or maybe in a table setting...but that? Good lord! If someone were to walk in...or perhaps stroll by the window close enough for a peek...well that would be the end of that! What if the landlord came by with his “key”?
It was kind of interesting, though, and sometimes I even giggled a bit at the thought of one more lemon or sprig of dried thyme...wouldn’t that be something! Or if the cat were to join in the fray! Come to think of it is quite something, really, her and her amusements...her and her “little diversions” as she puts it. Oh, to be young be in the springtime of life with that devil-may-care attitude. I may just take her advice and go buy that thing she suggested. I mean, that’s why they invented venetian blinds...right?!