Friday, September 29, 2006

radio hour idea

Idea for ARH

Fu Manchu breaks into the Eqyptian Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History. It appears that Nayland Smith while on an exploration of the Nile uncovered an eqyptian sarcophagus that has been purposefully sunk to the bottom of the Nile.

The exhibit, sponsored by Dunbar, is going to opened tomorrow. So tonight whist sipping champagne and smoking cigars, Nayland and his friends are alone with a few security guards

Fu Manchu has heard tell that the Mummies used Tanis leaves to preserve themselves. These tanis leaves also are thought to have the key to immortality. The tanis plant which srpouted these leaves has been extinct for eons. However, it is believed that many of the old Egyptian Pharoahs were buried with a surplus of tanis leaves in case they needed them in as currency in the afterlife.

So, Fu believes that by stealing the sarcophagus he could brew the tanis leaves drink the potion and rule the world from beyond the grave.

Once Fu subdues Nayland Smith, he still must fight the dreaded Mummy inside the sacrophagus

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Less than 90 days

I dont know how many days specifically are left. I think I will be making November 30th my last day. That will get me an extra 1000 dollars toward the relocation.

So, obstacles? Well on the positive side, the old job could want me back sooner. I think they will be able to give me a position eventually, but i dont think that the odds are they will offer me something before the end of November. The more probable obstacle could be the company deciding to let me go. They know I'm not happy. I know that they are looking for more trainers. I dont think they can let me go right now. They've got me scheduled for work through the end of October, but you never know with these clowns.

Anyway, I should be here at least through the last week of October.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

back from arridzona

Forget Hotlanta, for true heat go to phoneix, AZ. Man it was hot. Lows in the high eighties. And all the dry air, I felt like I had a dust ball in the back of my throat for the whole week. I will say that the city was laid out superbly and that the Diamondbacks' stadium was the nicest baseball stadium I've ever been to.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

future muthafuqa

1. Clay Continent

A four week run in the Fall of 2007
Preceded by a number of performances based on the original concepts and directed and designed by a multitude of my friends and collaborators from Chicago. Various spaces or various types all over the city, promotion becomes perfromance...all of these little playlets, perfromances become something living breathing rather than a post card or a poster or a clever image...

Turn the prmotion, the marketing into performance...
If branding is about telling stories well then hell fire we can do that. Stop thinking of ourselves as sell outs or artists. New thinking about the play...turning it into the project. A small team of artists who are experimenting and playing and having fun and creating literallyin front of the audience. Sort like rehearsals in the open thoughts...

One day the papers are going to stop covering the work so stop depending on the papers, forge relationships yourself. Dont had some one a postcard they need to feel something if they are going to come to the big damn shindig in the Fall...

2. Ten Suits

The idea - Father of a privately owned corporation dies and leaves the company to his 3 sons.

33% to the machievallian "conservative" son who will crush anything to keep the fortune alive and within the family

33% to the idealist son who thinks that sacrificing this fortune in the right way could possibly transform the world for better

34% to the son who just recently was render cripple and mute...what does he want? Is he still a person who a say? Or do the other 2 brothers simply have to convince the third's adoring and commited wife to surrender his share?

Every scene takes place in a corporate board/meeting room ... from there you can go anywhere and do anything ...dream sequence, drug trip, childhood flash back, stays within the board room but hell damn make that board room as phantasmagorical as possible

Also, I want this to be a team effort, multiple writers as a team writing in a tv series model and for there maybe we can make a theatrical serial performance? 30 minutes episodes? Don are you listening? Who in c-town is listening?


If they will have me, I'm excited to work on ArmRadioHour and SKALD for next year. I think these guys have struck gold with SKALD and I want to participate in any way I can as much as I can. Many of them are my friends, and now that I got this "everything I do has to be a Mammal" thing off my back...I want to work with others in arenas that are a little foreign to me, I want to learn and share by another's rules as well as have my own little sand box to return to.

Now, my folks and others have said, "What if you go back and you hate it...chicago"...well then in 2008 I'll live in seattle or alaska or NYC or LA...but for now...I feel deep in my bones that regardless of any pain or discomfort or what have you I have to do theatre and no town will help me more that c-town. I know that is in conflict with early posts on this blog...but we are allowed to be in conflict. Maybe the grass is always greener...if so then the happiest person is always in motion...I'm in motion towards chicago.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Got the good news today and I think the date of departure is first week in November!

My buddy and his roommate also a friend are going to let me crash there for a short while till the some job and apartment can be secured. Good news definately. Probably means only 7 or 8 more weeks in my current situation, I like that!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Stuck in a stale hotel somewhere in the mid west, different place each week, forgetful of where, have to remind yourself where you are, where ever it is it sin't home. This isnt your bed. This barely counts as a bed at all. This queen sized sponge isn't your bed. Up half the night fighting fever and panic attack cause you dont know where the emergency room is if this headcold turns bubonic.

Lessons learned over the past week. A week of ups too to be fair. A crazy month on the road. Do it for a short time without the romance of the roadies and groupies and you have a perfect recipe for suck.

I'm tired. 4 weeks straight on the road and so thankful that I get 9 nights in a row in my own bed. It's not just the travel, it's the company I work for. The one time a week they do something right, they want you to thank them profusely and forgive every transgression up till that point.

But, i told myself I wasn't going to think about thiem this weekend, this beautiful three day weekend. So I'll stop right now.