Saturday, September 16, 2006

back from arridzona

Forget Hotlanta, for true heat go to phoneix, AZ. Man it was hot. Lows in the high eighties. And all the dry air, I felt like I had a dust ball in the back of my throat for the whole week. I will say that the city was laid out superbly and that the Diamondbacks' stadium was the nicest baseball stadium I've ever been to.

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rmcb said...

You know what's funny,
you are a man of extremes. From Hotlanta to Aridzona you are about to jump right into the frigid, frosty winds of a Chicago winter!! From low's around 80 degrees to days of lows around 8 degrees!!
Here in Florida...we don't have that problem...the sucky, sticky, grimy, sweaty, stinky, humid weather basically lasts ALL YEAR!!