Saturday, September 02, 2006


Stuck in a stale hotel somewhere in the mid west, different place each week, forgetful of where, have to remind yourself where you are, where ever it is it sin't home. This isnt your bed. This barely counts as a bed at all. This queen sized sponge isn't your bed. Up half the night fighting fever and panic attack cause you dont know where the emergency room is if this headcold turns bubonic.

Lessons learned over the past week. A week of ups too to be fair. A crazy month on the road. Do it for a short time without the romance of the roadies and groupies and you have a perfect recipe for suck.

I'm tired. 4 weeks straight on the road and so thankful that I get 9 nights in a row in my own bed. It's not just the travel, it's the company I work for. The one time a week they do something right, they want you to thank them profusely and forgive every transgression up till that point.

But, i told myself I wasn't going to think about thiem this weekend, this beautiful three day weekend. So I'll stop right now.

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RMcB said...

Thanks for the post...I've looked everywhere for the recipe for suck.