Friday, September 29, 2006

radio hour idea

Idea for ARH

Fu Manchu breaks into the Eqyptian Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Natural History. It appears that Nayland Smith while on an exploration of the Nile uncovered an eqyptian sarcophagus that has been purposefully sunk to the bottom of the Nile.

The exhibit, sponsored by Dunbar, is going to opened tomorrow. So tonight whist sipping champagne and smoking cigars, Nayland and his friends are alone with a few security guards

Fu Manchu has heard tell that the Mummies used Tanis leaves to preserve themselves. These tanis leaves also are thought to have the key to immortality. The tanis plant which srpouted these leaves has been extinct for eons. However, it is believed that many of the old Egyptian Pharoahs were buried with a surplus of tanis leaves in case they needed them in as currency in the afterlife.

So, Fu believes that by stealing the sarcophagus he could brew the tanis leaves drink the potion and rule the world from beyond the grave.

Once Fu subdues Nayland Smith, he still must fight the dreaded Mummy inside the sacrophagus

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