Monday, October 02, 2006

another one about the same stuff as so many others

Thinking about the future. It's almost like new year's day. I get to come up with a new list of resolutions for my new/old life I'm returning to in chicago. Oh you cold strumpet. Oh you whore bitch lover I cant live without. I'm sure glad I didn't give all my sweaters away to goodwill when I moved south.

I will miss the south in certain ways. I will miss the sweet tea (I once accidentally called it sweat tea in an email). I will miss the trees. The green green trees, a forest's worth right outside my window. i will miss all the space in my huge apartment...(although to be honest, it is just a space to spread out my dirty clothes and crumpled up unpaid bills).

1) I will write everyday (although not always in this blog.)

2) Before I leave I will go to the Georgia Aquarium

But, I cant wait to
goto the Art Institute again.
To see a Bears game.
Eat at the ESPNzone without having to pay for valet parking,
concert series next summer in millenium park,
Work on Clay Continent with my good good friends
Wrigley, The Cell
The Harold Washington Library
Take a class at the old folk school

Lord I think its going to be tough at first. Looking for work and even missing my old job at the AMA. But who knows I might get an even better job. I might be able to survive by just temping like I did in NY for a year and a half. Who knows???

3) Go see at least one play a month

wow who would have thought for an enthusist like myself I'd have to make such a resolution (cynicism, exhaustion, etc)

4) Lose the weight. Get healthy. Live long and happy

My back is aching me and it's my own doing for getting so heavy and out of shape. I remember last baseball season being able to break in to a sprint, now I'm afraid of straining my back rolling out of bed. I've had it with this.

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rmcb said...

Sounds like a good plan...
but who is the "whore bitch lover" that you can't live without?
Sounds like there's a story there.
I knew a whore bitch once.
Even in Philly I had a whore lover and once in Memphis I had a bitch lover. But I can't recall having a whore bitch lover. Oh...there have been auditions...but no one has been able to live up to that sort of billing.
But...I'am only 45 years old.
and Spring's on the way...later...after Winter.