Friday, October 06, 2006

coffee and conspiracy

How important is coffee? It gets to be real important after a while. The coffee in my office sucks. It's some sort of brand you can buy in 25 pound bags from Sam's. It pretty much makes a pot of brown water with no flavor that will definately give you a case of daily GERD.

People are now spying on other people here in the office pretty regularly. There is such an air of anger and distrust in this office it is palpable like fog. I've been spied on by my manager, by sales (wanting to find out who can act as secretary to know...hey dont look busy could you make a couple calls for me)

Ugh! Just three more weeks of face to face and then im out!

1 comment:

Paul said...

If I haven't said it yet, Bob, I'm glad to see you coming back. First coffee's on me.