Monday, November 20, 2006


When we got back to the cabin. I stopped to check the mail. I don’t know why. There never is any mail. Maybe I just wanted to do something that made it clear that this was my house, what better than opening the mailbox even if its empty. As I did Fonda moved forward and stopped at the door. He didn’t go in. He just waited at the entrance for me.

Now seemed weird. I turned to look at the tunnel, probably to get him to look at it to, to gauge from his reaction whether or not he was going to spend the night in there while I slept or whether he was going to stay under the covers with me. He stayed aimed right at the door almost eager almost on tip toes like a trick or treater waiting for the door to open. I took a step toward the tunnel again to draw his attention there. Nothing, I looked at the opening, it appeared that the the sand that had been misplaced out of the earth had been leveled into a short mound that rose made 2 feet from the ground level but was spread out 20 feet from the mouth of the cave. I couldn’t be sure but it almost seemd as if a dim fire light was emenatting, the sun had not gone far enough below the horizon to be sure. But I was certain I hear an echoing throbbing sound from the cave. I remembered those stupid outlined maps that the olders had painted along the floor of their hospital ward. Is it possible? Cold the tunnel fonda mad had gone that far? Wouldn’t there be more dirt? It was only thre days ago and those bastards are paranoid! It was a good five or ten miles to the hospital.

I thought better of taking another step to the tunnel. If it wasn’t on fonda’s mind then maybe he would be mine all night. Don’t tempt him any further toward the cave. Look at him he cant wait to get inside I guess. A little boy almost. Like an anxious virgin. Well I wan it just as bad as he does. Though he’ll have to be gentle. What am I saying he’s always gentle. Open the door let your lover in.

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