Friday, November 10, 2006

an actual post yes friends an actual post

So, I am sitting here in the Atlanta office on my last day of work before I take a short vacation only to return and give my notice and I'm thinking about the past 12 months and what I've learned about myself and life and the whole big burrito.

Whereas, I will still give my 2 week notice, this week is my last full five day week here and so perhaps somewhat prematurely I'm trying to get all philosophic.

i would have to blind not to have noticed parallels between my countdown to getting out of Atlanta and my countdown one year ago to getting out of Chicago. The only thing I can say to that is that sometimes you dont know what you've got till its gone. Despite all the things I loathed about Chicago, my friends, the art, the theatre company...I have spent alot of time these past 12 months thinking about it. I needed the break from big city life and who knows I might need another break after staying there again for a few years, but I need to get back into it now. It's just about right.

I need my friends and they are in Chicago. I dont laugh and love as much as I did there. My life, the daily grind is definately easily down here but life is less worth living for me personally here. I denied the call for 12 months, got fat on honey, biscuits, and sweet tea and now I need to return to the city.

The only possible other path would be Seattle, but with no network there, I would be too too lonely.

I will have a car this time, which will make somethings more difficult, but there are benefits. I can leave the city any night or weekend that I want. If I want to drive up to milwaukee and goto miller park and renaissance books that I just do it. I can also drive to Busch Stadium, Comerica Park, and the jacobs field to see games on a weekend if I want.

The big thing I have missed desperately down here I think are the used book stores. There arent any good used bookstores down here. There is one that is so cramped I cant stand it, and the other one is one of those bookstores with lots of cool books but most are not used. I miss powells and the used book stores on clark.

And I love the idea that I am contemplating what show to put on first when I get back. Lord that feels good. I love the fact that there are people there who are willing and able to collaborate with me. I cant wait to take some of the blogging/journalistic lessons I've acquired down here and apply them up there.

Oh yeah, the little coffehouses. Down here it's either Waffle house or Starbucks there is no inbetween. Which sort of blows my mind but its true. Not as much mom and pop down here as I thought. Maybe that's just becuase Atlanta is too big for mom and pop even if it is southern.

I love the south and will return will freqency on 3 day weekends and what not, but I cant live down here anymore. Not right now. I need to cold, crisp, provacting winds of chicago to get my creative blood boiling. I need those bug libraries and tiny coffehouses to get me going. I need it now. A year ago I wouldnt have believed it, but now I do.

Are you nervous Bob? Hell yes. But I'm going home. And that gives me some comfort.

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