Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dirty Toliet Scene

Look at that!


Who does that? Who takes a crap like tht and doesn’t flush the toilet.

I don’t know

He didn’t forget. You don’t take a dump, wipe your ass, and then forget to flush the goddamn toilet

Maybe he missed

He missed?

I don’t know maybe.

How can you miss? And if you did miss, can you miss and then in all good conscious say ah forget about

The next guy will take care of it

Somebody took a crap and then left their feces for everyone to see


Yes everyone

How is everyone going to see that?

No one is going to sit down while that’s in there. Everybody is going to pass that toilet up until someone with no choice has to get rid of it, like the janitor

I’ll get rid of it for you. (Flushes toilet)

That doesn’t solve anything

What do you mean

I know now. I still know what he did

You’re crazy

I’m not going to sit on that toilet seat after a man who is capable of something like that? A man who is willing to put his feces on display for the whole world to see is capable of anything

Anything. Lke what

He may have urinated all over the seat

Really, all over it


Urinated copiously over the seat. Wouldn’t you see it then

Not necessarily

You wouldn’t see that? You wouldn’t see a wet, yellow seat?

Not it he wiped it away

Well if he wiped it away then who cares

Toilet paper would get rid of the wetness but not the bacteria

You want me to go and get you a can of Lysol so you can take a dump in the toilet and leave me alone.

No, I’m just going to hold it…maybe I’ll got to a different floor

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Anonymous said...

I did a search to find out why my new less water toilet is not flushing my feces and I ran into this page.

this page is disturbing.

however, I can add to this by saying: If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down