Friday, November 10, 2006


The second time the tv started shaking and smoking, I was at more resistant to it. Maybe I was itching for a fight even if it was with the laws of physics and science as I knew them to exist because of the hullabaloo at the hospital with the olders.

This is not happening
This is not real

This is happening
This is real


You know I’m real

I was holding the unplugged cord in my hand like Heracles throttling the serpents in his bed. I tried to make my fingers as small as possible so that I could use them to enwrap the unplugged cord to smuther the parallel fangs. I wanted to cover then to sheath them to make sure that not was feeding these fangs. I wanted to traverse all the rubber that housed those haunting teeth to know that no electricity was there to feed this demonic beast that demanding my attentions.

You have no fuel there fore this can not be happening
If this is not happening than why must you protest so adamantly. Your continual protest proves this is happening

I rebuke you nightmare. I rebuke you demon
I m no demon I am flesh and blood as you are
You are not. You are an empty shell an empty husk that no longer receives transmission. You are good for nothing except as a receptacle for my magnetically taped dreams
I don’t know what the hell your talking about. I am not your TV. I am using your TV. Soon I wont even need the TV to talk to you but only if you’ll open your mind to me. Please turn the TV around. Please let me in. Im real. Even though I’m not like anything you’ve experienced up till now. I assure you am I real.

This is a dream. My mind is playing tricks on me. My perceptions are week from too much male. I need to stop this. I need to turn off this part of the dream. Go away or I’ll destroy this TV. Now that I have my man I don’t need this TV

You need me. You need this TV. I’ll go though. Don’t destroy the TV. I plead with you. But when I return soon, please converse with me , please give me a chance. I leave you in peace now, in the hope that you’ll take it as good faith that I mean no harm and wish to speak with you probably tomorrow. When you are alone.

The sputtering tv stopped.

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