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Seven Snakes - An Idea for a play (Bump)

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A science fiction performance in thirteen scenes

The Seven Snakes are seven brothers.

They have been sent to perform a fatua.

Scene One - First brother appears he doesn't remember his mission, he falls in love with a nurse

Dial In One - The agents attempt contact nurse via telepathic dial up. Difficult due to it being inital contact.

Scene Two - Second brother appears and pretends he is the first. He sleeps with the Nurse.

Dial In Two - An attempt to interogation is made, the nurse decides it is a dream and dismisses it

Scene Three - Third brother appears during coitus with second brother, nurse in confusion flees

Dial in Three - Explain the dial in to the Nurse

Scene Four - The fourth brother arrives and interogation of the first brother is carried out. First brother wants to abandon fatua, Fourth brother does not

Dial in Four - The fifth brother was abducted in route and questioned strenuously while dialed into the nurse

Scene Five - The nurse returns, the fourth brother threatens to kill her if the fifth brother is not released

Dial in Five - Some how during this dial up the sixth brother is able to ascertain the whereabouts of the agents and frees the fifth brother killing many agents in the attempt.

Scene Six - The Sixth and Fifth brother arrive. A procedure has begun it is the fatua. They are forcing the first brother to perform with them.

Dial in Six - The last agent warns the nurse that seven snakes together with mean the end of the world as we know it. She must find a way to stop the union of the seven brothers

Scene Seven - The first brother kills himself rather than allow them to perform the fatua. Without him there are only six brothers and the fatua can not be completed. While remaining brothers fight over whether or not to kill or have coitus the nurse she flees. And prays for a seventh and final dial up to tell her what to do. But, the seventh dial up doesn't happen.

I got the idea for this play from a native american tale told by Joseph Campbell on the Power of Myth tapes. The images and the ideas of that tale have stuck with him and I've wanted to shape something performative out of them someday. Who knows maybe this is the model finally.

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