Saturday, April 22, 2006

Six Chambers Six Bullets Six

A western

An acrid old ex preacher who somehow came across a seven chambered pistol and now will not let it out of his sight.

Convinced that the apocalyspe is imminent, he believed that the discovery of such a unique seven chambered pistol is not coincidence.

The majority of dead men who souls has been harvested by Satan, their bones lie in the desert. Corpse created by guns with six chambers holding six bullets offering six deaths. That too is no coincidence according to the acrid old ex preacher.

When the dead rise again, no six chambered gun forged within the machinations and manipulations of Satan will stop his risen servants.

Thus, divinely arrived the seven chambered pistol with which the acrid old ex preacher might be able to thwart off the apocalypse.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Ok, I've got a huge crush on Neko Case. Her voice is one of the most exceptional I've ever heard. She's beautiful and she's the epitome of country noir. I went to her show tonight at the Variety Playhouse here in ATL and it was a fantastic show. Kelly Hogan and the High Dials played first, then Neko gave us a 2 hour show I'll never forget.

I also got her to sign a tour poster for me. I was stupid speechless. I told her that I loved her and the Handsome Family more than any other bands. She told me that the Handsome Family was a favorite of hers too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More B Ball

Got to tune into MLBTV a little bit before today's game and see the sox get their rings. Saw Arron get his and the crowds response. Did make me a little teary. We both had to leave c-town.

Get opening day/night...White Sox won opening night. 2 HRs from Thome. 1 for Piazza at his very first at bat as Padre. A grand Slam for A-Rod. Even Frank Thomas got a HR at his first at bat.

The sad story thus far is pitching. Zito, Freddie Gracia, Johann Santana had disappointing starts.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Baseball is back!!!!

Here are some photos I took of my favs the white soxs when they visited Turner Field
Jim Thome!!!!




Cliff Politte...a great guy!


The Lights!!!

The Distractions!!!

The Park!!!