Friday, June 30, 2006

A distrust of intellectualism?

Those who deal in extreme obtuse levels of verbosity tend to use their literary prowess as a sort self adoration, a worship of potentialities of the human intellect. Worship of reason. Their deconstructions are a sort of false idolatry to the infallibility of their own analytical reasoning. Any self criticism of their own parts should be taken for what it truly is which false modesty. For even if they deny the divinity of their own ego before the cock crows, deep within their own hearts they remain true believers our the cult of there own self worship.

Too much intellectual verbosity can become an obstacle to action to motion. That which is animate is alive. That which is verbose without being animate...perhaps not alive, or not as alive?

Too much mind.

Just an odd thought today.

What I need



ecstasy as Entertainment

ecstasy aka a state characterized by greatly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness which is frequently accompanied by visions and emotional/intuitive(and sometimes physical) euphoria as a form of entertainment aka a leisure activity consisting of an event and an audience that views the event and participates.

This seems like a wonderful alternate to what passes today as pop culture. But do the masses want ecstasy?

Doesn't ecstasy require something of those who experience it? And with a populace which seems each day to be moving toward the agnostic even the atheistic doesn't the idea of ecstasy seem lacking in validity.

Are we a members of this society safe in social circumstances, safe even to allow ourselves ecstasy?

Is not ecstasy the opiate, the fix, the quality which when once felt by the artist entwines him or her? It is that state of ecstasy which I think drives me at the very least.

I make plays that I want to see. I want performances that are emmersive in their quality.

I want to be a magician. I want to cast spells with my theater. I want to connect with the divine. I want my humanity to be celebrated, analyzed, and elevated.

I don't need a revolution. I don't need to put myself in a place where I'm thinking of nothing but the money necessary to fulfill a potentially narcassitic need. I need to make as many moments left in my life filled with as high a degree of ecstasy as possible.

I need ecstasy. I need to remember this when I start up again in the fall.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Revolution versus Primary

There has been alot of talk on the theatre blogosphere about revolutions, about change, about catching up to other art forms. But you know, I find myself today longing for the virtues of the primal. Primary Colors, Primary forms...

Primative, Origin, Simplicity... These are things that I thing are more elusive to us as artists than revolution.

Perhaps what we require in order to reconnect with ourselves, our art our a return to that with is Primary with a capital "P".

Sunday, June 25, 2006

For Me and for a few others

I am blind
but with my fingertips
I can tell
The curtain is fraying
I fear
it might be torn
But what good were all those rehearsals
All those plucked strings
And deep breathing
and cracked bones
If I dont pull on the rope
Raising the frayed curtain?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Revolution!!! ???

A revolution from what? Is this call for revolution, this call for relevance, it is an honest call to action?

My greatest concern is that beneath this call is a bruised vanity on the part of the artist...

Here's a question to ask ourselves before we call to revolution. "What is my 'value' to my audience?" and if we are not happy then the next answer is "Why?"

We have to be carefuly that we are not stalking an audience that would rather just get a restrainting order put upon us.

Are we obsessed? Are we obsessed with a shift in the art? Or are we obsessed with a shift in the audience?

I'm obsessed with the opiate of theater...I like how it takes the edge off my life. I need an audience in order to get this "high". Is any call on my part for a revolution for a relevance simply born out of my own self interest cloaked as a call out to audience to action?

Am I trying to make this world a better place or am I merely trying to make my houses fuller?

So says the devil's advocate...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ten Suits

Somethings I'd like to see in the ten suits play

1. 2 brothers at odds
2. An interview that is set awkward my the boss' daughter
3. A Psycho-Analyst
4. A Bounty Hunter
5. Tales of mercenaries hired to protect the rain forests.
6. An idealist who surrenders his ideals for the sake of his children's hunger
7. A capitalist scorned who turns toward something selfless
8. Blood

There is nothing 'well-made' about this list of these ideas. These are just the first things coming into my head. It is my hope that from this flotsam, from within this pile of coal, I can squeeze a diamond.

The Board Room scenario appeals to me, because it is an environment I would not so readily have chosen in the past, preferring more phantasmogoric settings. I will undoubtedly make the board room phantasmagoric before I'm done, but hey I want to start with a foundation opposite to the Noir, Sci-Fi, Goth Victorian settings I've gravitated to in the past.

One brother realizes that the corporation in positioned to save the environment. The other brother sees no profit in such a global intervention. 2 brothers struggle

The future

Did I tell you that I going back to Chicago? Well, I am. I can't write down here in ATL. That is a big problem. The writer's block is better now that I've made up my mind, but as soon as the lease expires...then bang zoom back to the Windy City...back to work on the Mammals. Next month (when I gots a little cash) I'm going to get the website back up and running. In the spring, we do 1 or 2 workshops, then in the Fall it's a remount of Mexican Wrestling Macbeth.

I've been skipping all around the blogosphere and been inspired by some of the other artists. I need to figure out the youtube thing it seems like it should be pretty easy.

I spoke with Don Hall, and got good hopes for the Board Room Drama ala David Milch inspired creation thingy...The working title is Ten Suits till I come up with something better. It is also something to dig into as soon as I hit the ground in c-town in November.

I've been hestitating writing about the November move cause I know that if anyone at work cared they could get to this blog, but hey...I need the if anybody from the dayjob is reading this...just let me know that you know.

I think I'm going back on caffeine for a while. I just need something to lift the depression and get my ass in gear and out of bed. I come home from work most nights and just collapse into bed. Waking up in time to catch a little Futurama on the TV and then fall back a sleep. That's the way it has been since I got back from my trip to Augusta.

Speaking of Augusta, I love minor league baseball now. I went to Greenjackets game and had a blast. It was so relaxing and Fun. Capital F ...without all the stress of parking and getting out of the parking lot and high priced tickets...go minor leagues. Before I go back up north I want to see a Barons game and a Montgomery biscuits game.

If any of my old budds are reading this then please drop a quick comment. It's such a little thing, but it would be a nice way to help me aleve a little bit of the temporary depression I'm in.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Writer's Block stops (for now at least)

Now that the windy city is back in my future, I've been able to write again. Now, I'm not saying that the writing is going to stay steady, but I actually have been able to put pen to paper and get something good, interesting, and different on the page for the boxing play...

I've rereading some and that has also helped. As much as it is going to hurt, I'm shutting down the cable TV and HBO on monday. I just can't afford it right now and I want to have more time to write and read.

I'll keep the internet, the MLB.TV, and the XM. Everything else has to go.