Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seven Something

Fear Mongers
A single bride for seven brothers
Dislocated Jaws
Lost souls
Seven Ophedial Orphans
Fourteen Fangs

Listen to PJ Harvey when you think of the female protagonist

Buck Owens - Dang Me for levity

Sailing - Christopher Cross when they want to be somewhere other than the desert

Frankie Laine - Sanke troubour

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ideas that have been dancing inside my head

Puppets, Peyote, and Porn
A puppeteer is convinced that he must make movies of his performances. He wants to embark into the world of stop frame animation. He is so reclusive that he is practically mute and lame in any social situation. He encounters a down and out pornographer who realizes that he can use the puppeteer to make pornographic films without actors which helps since there are fewer people to perform and fewer people whom are subject to his irrational fits of anger.

Seven Snakes
The Novel I just wrote that I want to edit in fully realized prose as well as adapt into a performance piece utilizing either masks or puppetry.

I Can't Go Down
Boxer has visions that convince him that if he goes down for a full count in the ring he will lose his life. Every time he enters the ring he thinks he is actually fighting for his life.

Gooseflesh Factory
Multimedia haunted house. Toy Theater using cameras and doll house.

Brother Piece
3 brothers inherit a global fortune and debate as to how they will manage it.

Darger Piece
An art student becomes obsessed with an outsider artist who may or may not have been mentally challenged and sexually deranged. She arranges to inhabit a flat once used by the outsider artist and to further the illusion pays a homeless man to pose as the deceased artist. When the homeless man learns more about the man he is intimidating, things get uncomfortable for the art student and there are fatal consequences.

The appearance at late night hours of a 15 foot half hog/half boar/half lizard is being reported in small town newspapers in the south. It seems that everywhere hogzilla walks there is a disturbance in the space time continum. When he walks, time reverts to the old days where people were more god fearing and they all knew there place. Rumors about what hogzilla is abound and the klan begins praying for Hogzilla's appearance in all there little towns.

Frank Loves Marie
Appalacian Woyzeck with snaking handling.

Race for the Moon - Redneck Confederates versus Russian Futurists
Bastardize adaptation of Jules Verne's "From Earth to Moon"