Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dada Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our first meeting about the WNEP Dada piece this fall. It should be a good time. So far collaboration with Don has been incredibly fulfilling. I think we do a good job of respectfully challenging each other so as to bring out each other's best.

Also, I'll be working with Steve Lund who was in one of the Mammals previous productions, Mexican Wrestling Macbeth. We worked strictly in the capacity as director and actor then on a very short rehearsal schedule. I respect him as a performer, and I'm sure he has a wealth of riches to offer as a dramatist.

I asked Don if there was anything for us to think about before the meeting. He told me to think Coney Island.

So when I think of Coney Island a few things come to mind

Failing parachutes
Freak show
A certain sort of sanctuary
A certain kind of concentration camp
Clowns (How to avoid being another fucking clown play...ughhh!)

Is the message dada? Is dada a tool to awaken the audience to a message?
Can you be to obvious as a dada? Can you be too obtuse?

What is the point of blowing there little minds unless we rebuild them and if we are doing what sort of model would I rebuilt them.

I am thinking about Lillian Smith recently. And she offers us an interesting to be certain that our dada does good...

Maybe this is or isn't a concern of the others involved.

The trickster! Think about what the trickster's goal is...

Prometheus the dada?

Pandora the dada?

Joyous, Disturbing, Questioning, Captivating
Don't make it easy for them to turn it off. Our society turns it off to easy. Breadcrumbs sugar coated are better than thumbtacks and mousetraps.

It is not about my pleasure at the discombobulation of the spectator. It is about awakening a new sensory, a new conscious, a new morality...

I fear it is too high falutin.

But I am interested in using dada to enable an audience.

Yes! Lets do that! Enable them! Can we do it? I don't know

Enough for tonight. Let's sit back for a few minutes and hear just what it is that our esteemed leader in this venture wants. Let's take this as an opportunity to see how another does what he or she does.

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