Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hogzilla The appearance at late night hours of a 15 foot half hog/half boar/half lizard is being reported in small town newspapers in the south. It seems that everywhere hogzilla walks there is a disturbance in the space time continum. When he walks, time reverts to the old days where people were more god fearing and they all knew there place. Rumors about what hogzilla is abound and the klan begins praying for Hogzilla's appearance in all there little towns.

What is the difference between this play and sincerety forever? I love the appearance of Jesus H Christ at the end of that play.

A street anywhere in the south. A street where the new south has been paved and suddenly everywhere the Hogzilla's foot steps a sudden shift in the space time continum. We can be in too places at one time when we step in the footsteps of the hogzilla. A south where the new is forming and a south where it isn't safe to black and alone late at night walking down the street.

Which ever time zone you're in the lag that waves is still the same. is there any validity to pride in a southern heritage without racial issue?

Is it just camofluague for a deep seated need for racism in the south? Is there a new south? Why is it that Germans dont talk about the beauty and pride of the third reich and try to divorce it from the death camps?

And if we go back do we not only get the strive but also get the saints as well. King, Stetson Kennedy...etc.

WE have the reverberation echo of wishing for a day back when among the KKK. The KKK want the way it was in hte 50's but the KKK of the 50's want it back to the way it was at the turn of the century and those KKKs want it like it ws before the war.

So that any slide back becomes a potential slide all the way back. If the hog keeps stepping through the same towns and the same streets again and again, then the possiblity of returning to a day when cro-magnon chased the neaderthal through the streets.

How can we kill the Hogzilla? Who is the team of characters that are dedicated to this? What antagonists will stop them? Do i create my own or can i dip into history? Perhaps, no perhaps about it, i should dip into history of the south and civil rights as much as possible.

Also, the modern day KKK movement and how or if minorities still face off to them on daily way.

An old nazi who remembers that they had there own hogzilla in the deutschland years ago

All the southern gentile dainties cant believe there are so many or these old redneck crackers suddenly coming out of the wood work, what do mean they are coming from our own basements?

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