Thursday, February 08, 2007

More on Hogzilla

Scene One

Nighttime - A music drummy muddy music with something dark and evil to it. The Hogzilla makes his way across stage. His noses takes him toward the backside of a filling station. Everywhere a hoof of hogzilla's touches the ground, the print seems to glow momentarily evil indigo colors before it seems to fade back to normal. Then the grass is a pecular shade of grey.

As Hogzilla sniffs around the women's restroom, the paint on the walls goes from softer powder blue to various shades of grey and the sign metamorphosizes from "Women" to "_olored".

Then Hogzilla wanders off aimlessly into the southern swamps from when he came. Before the lights fade we see Ole' John who is following Hogzilla, a bizarre sort of racist pilgrimage that only he makes.

Scene Two

We have a news report that the infamous Hogzilla often rumored of but never before recorded or seen has made a appear on the streets of this small southern town. The reporter has quite the antiquated haircut as he stands a few feet away from the "olored" sign. The camera man notices the hair and asks about it, the reporter shrugs if off thinking it weird that his hair would look such a way

Scene Three

The owner of the filling station has constructed a series of fences made out of chicken wire. it is in this chicken wire stations were he believes something is a miss. He tels us about the sign and how he wanted to take it off except when he gets under it and then is filled with a feeling that he wont take the sign down. He thinks that damn hogzilla did something and is now going to sell the land. Only a true bigot can stand to live or work on this land. During the course of his monolgue as he moves closer to the sign he becomes slowly by stages the bigot his grandfather was, the grandfather who hung a similar sign so many years ago.

Scene Four
A Klan member comes in and takes down the for sale sign and colored sign. He has a number of suitcases and seemingly is well armed.

Scene Five

An older german man tells us about their own shweinzilla and how it transformed children on a playground into "hitler youth" dsigning songs that they could never have known... and how one day after one of the children was almost killed a few of the towns men destroyed the playground. And caught and killed their shweinzilla.

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