Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plays I'd like to see - The Revolution - Tonight at Nine

Due to legislation enacted enemies of the state can not appeal their imprisonment, but in order to get this, the executive branch of the govt, agreed with congress that they to be able to opening broadcast the prisoners for a certain number of minutes per day so that we can see that they are being treated 'humanly'. There is a channel just like CSPAN were we are shown documentation about how well detainees are treated. Even video taped responses from former detainees and their families advocating the process as it is currently covered. The fact that many of the detainee's who are interviewed are being mistreated doesn't matter. Why because no one watches the show, that is until there is an incredibly attractive detainee. People start tuning in because they want to know what is going to happen to this supermodel good looking revolutionary who may or may have not encouraged terrorist activity because of the slaying of her husband.

Once it becomes evident to those videotaping that she is too beautiful and as a result quickly gaining sympathy, popularity, and ratings...they tighten into just her face. The tactic backfires. The blogosphere is ripe with videos of her body, stolen video tapes of her from home from before the arrest, suspected sex scandal tapes, conspiracy theories that she was potentially raped and that the reason we aren't seeing more of her body is that the govt doesn't want to risk video prove, even suggestions that she was given a double mastectomy as an interrogation tactic.

She is constantly talking or singing. Her siren like voice doesn't help the govt either. Sometimes her narrative is very coherent other times it isn't so. Everything from Emily Dickensonian to Beckettesque Not I derivative.

The govt eventually decides to let her go. Hoping this will quell the curiosity in what they were doing does not. Now people are turned in all the time waiting for the next fetish fulfilling detainee.

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