Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bits of Write Club

What day is it? I lose track. How many times have I seen this movie?

Better than waking up at the bar and not knowing how my hose got up on the moose antlers.

Dont laugh

I have to laugh

dont make light

Why not

cause It isn't funny

Shut up. I dont need this bring down so save it

I see things when the movie stops making it through

What sort of things

bunnys walrus rodin's thinker

What do all this things have in common?

I give up what

Nothing! Not a god damn thing!


Come home

I am home


What's there for me

You can live. You can eat. You can find someone.

I do all that up here

For how long

As long as I want

You're alone up there

i was alone down there too. You dont remembe that?

You had misconceptions. Are those slowly going away?

(Murnau's Sunrise on the movie screen) or (Bela Lugosi moving slowly toward us)

It's too dangeous up there I remember those stories you told me. God watches over fools, but not forever.

She saw that movie, it taught her that only one thing is stronger than love?

What is that

Self persevation

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