Thursday, February 22, 2007

What I Like in Theatre and Art

Amplified Voices...
A wealth of action...
A Spectacle made when foreign sound meets with epic circumstance.
Inevitable violence divorced or deconstructed from traditional notions of glory.

A sense of immersion. A sense of being a tourist. Surprise.
A re-examination of what is primal.
A serious re-examination of what is psychological/psychoanalytical.
A reverberation of the myth and new rituals.
A total lack of academic condescension.
A confrontation with whatever it is that the artist believes to be evil, wrong.

Get rid of cute. I shit on cute.
I like characters, actors, walking talking caricatures even so long as they sweat, they bleed, they die or relish life before death.

I don't mind thinking about the piece, but damn it why can't that thought lead to action.

We need new paradigms of good and evil. A possibility of morality, civics, even spirit divorced from organized religious dogma or political fabrications. New systems of belief regarding good and evil. A reintroduction of that which is civics.

Where are the hogbutchers. I'm sick of the latte drinkers. Give me characters right out of Carl Sandberg poems.

Fuck Irony. Give me tragedy. Give visions so frightening on stage, that people will do anything they have to to make sure it doesn't happen in real life.

To me, that is what theatre can do. That is what I want from my theatre.

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