Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have been experiencing alot more joy lately. I start a new permanent position here with a great company for great pay and excellent benefits. I have been enjoying the dada workshops immensely. I still get the tiny thrill of a playwright during these sessions, you know that feeling when actors are saying words you wrote. Even though I provided only absurd oral collages of slightly absurd prompts, I still felt that little kid joy when I recognized one of the actors using my prompts. I also am talking to Jen Ellison (great director most of my readers probably know her well or at least seen her work in c-town) about directing a play of mine entitled Breed With Me (ok I'm maybe a little too in love with my own work but you got to admit that's a script title with serious tits {or balls}). It is a show I am very proud of, the sort of thing you hope others will remember you for. Also, It gives me an excellent learning/growth as an artist opportunity. Working with Jen on this is going to teach me tons about myself as a playwright and probably a few things about myself as a director as well. I'm probably going to have to find the money, but that doesn't bother me at all. I got to see my brother Ron Kroll perform this weekend, something I havn't had for almost 2 years. I was ripe with pride. He did a great job, and it did my heart well to hear my sentiment about his abilities echoed by the chorus of WNEPers without any prompting from me. When Don said 'He seems like a fun guy, really commited...somebody I want to work with' it was a karate kick of happiness on the inside.

And, I am writing again. Alot. Between my works in progress and the Write Club, I feel like I'm creating something solid or useful almost every week lately.

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