Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Weird and suck stuff

So this past Thursday and Friday I was sent to Boston for work. The long and short of Boston was that I thought the downtown area was awesome. I would love to back for a 3 day trip maybe see a game at Fenway. We went to place called Durkin Park for dinner which has apparently been open since the late 1700's. They had a life sized pig statue carved out of wood that was from 1879. It was still definitely a pig, but one hell of a beat up pig. Anyway leaving Boston was hell. Our flight was scheduled for 6. Didn't board until 7:30 and then sat at the gate until just after midnight. After we had burned though both their movies (Wild Hogs, and Astronaut Farmer...no matter what you have hear 2 overrated movies) and finished the pretzels, they finally decided to let us off if we wanted to go to the one restaurant still open in Logan to get something to eat. So, about a dozen of us do. It is a little booth about 200-300 yards away from the gate. We are getting in line, when suddenly one of our fellow passengers (probably the last one of us to attempt to find the restaurant) runs by the food booth yelling, "we have 3 minutes to get back on the plane! The plane is going to leave the gate in three minutes!" We all haul ass back. Mind you , United didn't make an announcement, if it weren't for this one fellow passenger, I would probably have been left at Logan with nothing, no cell phone (in my carry on, on the plane).

When we get back to the gate, sure enough the door has been closed and locked. There is a bit of grumbling, the attendant at the gate, is dealing with someone else and is very careful not to make eye contact with any of the dozen passengers that they just let off less than 5 minutes ago. One of the other's asks out loud to anyone who will answer "do you think they aren't going to let us back on." To which I answered loud enough so all could hear, but directly to him rather than the untied agent, "they can either let me back on the plane or take me to Boston jail, cause if they don't let me back after sitting for 5 hours and then coaxing me off the plane...well I'm going to do something to someone that is going to get me arrested."
It was a sentiment shared by all of us. Finally the attendant not wanting a mini riot opens the door and lets us back on where the flight attendants info us that yes, most definitely they were about to just take off an leave us. Unfucking believable. For work have no choice, but i will never out of my own pocket fly united ever again.

We get back to Chicago about 2:30am. I take a cab. Once I get in the cab, I ask the guy if he takes credit cards just to be sure (they are required to if they pick up at the airports) He asks if I have any cash at all. I tell him a "20 and my card, is this going to be a problem?" No answer for him, he just drives. About five minutes into the drive, I mention the huge delay, to which this cabbie starts berating me "You should just be happy man! It isn't about you! I am sick and tired of you fucking privileged assholes getting into my cab and crying." I try to play it off, but the angry asshole wont have it, he just keeps up with the berating. Finally we get to my apartment and then this son of a bitch tries to run a scam on me.

"Here's the card"
"Man, cant you give me the twenty and put the rest on the card man?"
"Fine, how much?"
"Twenty eight"
"Here's the twenty, I need a receipt"
"No problem, here's the card slip...right the total amount plus tip"
"If I just gave you a twenty, why would I do that, cash plus card that would be a 50 dollar ride, am I right"
"Fine man, put whatever the fuck you want man"


"I put 10 on here"
"fine, that's your receipt"
"no man, you got to give me a receipt for the total"
"look, you charged ten,you got a receipt, what is the fucking problem"

I just decided to eat the 20 on my expense report. If it hadn't been 3am in morning, he an I would have had words and I might have even gotten the receipt, but after the night I had, I had to either let it go or get into a fist fight with a cabbie.

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