Friday, July 20, 2007


Getting a shout out from Ralph Lewis (furtherest on the left) on comments from my last post was a most wonderful thing. He was one of a brave few, Catherine Porter and Barry Rowell being the other two, who gave a fresh faced Floridian kid his first chance when I hit the big apple. If it weren't for these wonderful people and their wonderful company, I might have spent all my time in NYC sitting by myself lonely in a starbucks. They were the first friends I made in NYC and I didn;t know how much I missed them until I heard word in that crazy comment. They put up my first baby "Clay Continent" as part of a festival called "Big Art in Small Places" back in 1998.

Memories...The Rat Conference at the Ohio Theater, Hanging out at Dixon Place, VGs, and my personal favorite...The Great Jones Diner.

It looks like things are going well for the folks at PWP and I couldn't be happier. They were some of the truly best folks I met in NYC. I hope someday to see them again soon!

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Catherine said...

Bob Fisher!! Barry and I have been out of town visiting family and Ralph just told us that he'd located you online. So glad to hear that the Mammals are back up and running. Please keep us posted on what you're doing. BTW, Ruth Margraff and her husband are about to move to Chi-town cuz she's gotten a teaching gig at the Art Institute. You should look her up. And no more VGs in NYC alas, but always plenty of good bars to hang out in. Come visit! xoxoCatherine